Mani Tadayon (bowsersenior)


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    CinFes: 2nd place winner at 2012 Film Independent Hackathon
    - source:
    - Promo video (I'm in the red shirt!)
    - Film Independent Press Release

    clear cookies (drag to bookmarks bar)
    - source:

    TMF: a minimal testing tool for ruby
    - source:

    Gauntlt: a ruggedization framework
    - source:

    Yacht: Yet Another Configuration Helper Tool
    - source:

    WorkflowOnMongoid: Use workflow with your Mongoid documents
    - source:

    ItuCodes: Easy to use tools to look up and parse international calling codes
    - source:

    Sysmaster: access sysmaster's VOIP telephony platform using ruby
    - source:

    Gauntlt--rugged by example:
    - AppSecUSA, Austin, TX, October 25, 2012

    Cucumber and friends--tools for security that matters:
    - OWASP LA monthly meetup, December 2011
    - OWASP Austin, TX monthly meetup, March 2012

    Ruby tools for writing (and deploying) software that matters:
    - AT&T Software Symposium, October 2011

    Sleep sort--time is on your side:
    - LA Ruby monthly meetup, August 2011

    Developer-friendly Gem Development:
    - LA Ruby monthly meetup, July 2011


    - Tadayon, M. 2012. From The Battle of Algiers to Alien vs. Predator:
      philosophical approaches to the globalization of terror.
      International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 9(2) July 2012.